About the Project

52TO is an independant photography project organized by Nica Mintz that celebrates the city's incredible diversity by portraying fifty people in their favourite Toronto locations.

These people, aged 1-95, are exactly representative of Toronto's beautifully multicultural demographics. The factors taken into consideration when compiling their profiles were the available statistics for sex, age, and ethnicity.

During the individual interviews, Nica took a Polaroid picture of each subject and asked questions about their interests, experiences and personal stories, and very importantly, about their favourite public place in Toronto - an indoor or outdoor location inevitably rich in personal meaning. Each person also chose the time of year that most resonates with them.

Throughout the next twelve months, Nica and her photographer extraordinaire, Pete Nema, are taking these 50 portraits striving to make each one a deeply personal representation of its human subject as well as a tribute to the city's many unique neighbourhoods and architectural features.

The goal is to have all the portraits completed by late fall 2009, as well as accumulate the Polaroids, interview excerpts and final portraits in a book, to be published within the next year.

You are invited to check out the posted polaroids, follow Nica and Pete's progress with the portraits, and comment on our project on the site's blog. Hopefully these pictures and stories will inspire you to rediscover why so many different people call this amazing city their home!

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